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Dear 14th District Voter, 

Representing the people of Haralson and Carroll counties in Atlanta has been an honor, but the last nine years have not always been easy. Being in the majority taught me that political party alone is not an accurate way to measure a person’s principles and beliefs in limited government.

It's easy to stand up to the radical left and their liberal agenda. Any establishment politician can do it. The question is who do you trust to stand up to big government Republicans behind closed doors in Washington. Contrary to popular belief, a giant wave of socialism is not the biggest threat facing our nation, but rather it is the slow drift away from our Constitution allowed for decades by BOTH parties that stands to destroy our country.


Choosing a candidate based on rhetoric is dangerous and conservatives fall for it every cycle. This is a Republican primary in Georgia. We will all say we want to stop socialism, support our President, protect life, defend the second amendment and build the wall. Talk is cheap.


It’s no longer enough to send ‘conservatives’ to Washington, we need proven principled conservatives.


For nearly a decade, I have faithfully stood up for our Georgia values in the State House and I am running on my record, not from it.


My name is Kevin Cooke. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a farmer, a small businessman, and a State Representative. I believe in limiting government, protecting freedom, cutting spending and upholding our Constitution, and I have taken votes in the General Assembly to prove it.


I ask for your vote for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

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